We at TXM believe that simple and transparent pricing is the key. The best move can turn into a nightmare if you don’t know what you are paying for it.

We employ an easy pricing method, which simply means that all our costs are stated upfront and there are no hidden costs. We believe that customers should pay what they were told they were going to pay.


Most jobs within a city are charged by the hour, this way we only charge for the amount of work we do.

The time to get to you and back to the office is free, your time starts when we arrive at your property and we stop charging you when we have finished unloading your items. You pay for however many hours you use, which means that we charge by the hour and not by the minute.

Prices vary with the amount of porters you require, most domestic moves can be achieved using two to three porters.

Everything we discuss is confirmed in writing, you will get a confirmation email of prices and booking details.

Usually people have a lot more than they had originally envisaged when they started packing. As you are paying by the hour you don’t have to worry about the extra items, also if you require any help with dismantling or assembling  furniture all you have to do is make sure to state that to the porters on arrival so they can work accordingly.


For larger moves, where hourly prices may not be appropriate we do provide fixed quotes. Once you submit your details a member of our team will give you a call to arrange to come out to evaluate your property and give you a fixed price, there may be a charge for evaluation – depending upon where you live – which is dropped when you book the move with us.

Sometimes, it may be possible to provide a quote without a visit if list of contents is made available.

The list must be comprehensive as we are quoting to only move things included in the list.


Long distance jobs are never quoted by the hour, they are always fixed quotes. We just need to establish the size of vehicle you require and the amount of porters you will need at either end accompanied by the postcodes. With these variables we can workout a price for your move. You can provide us your details and we will be glad to give you a quote.

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