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We get asked a lot of questions, so we thought we’d make a list the most commons ones we see here, this will hopefully save you some time and effort.

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to give us a ring or send us a message using the Contact Form below. This section is updated periodically, so please do read these questions carefully as they also form part of our Terms & Conditions.


Do you work on Saturday and Sundays?
Yes, we work over the weekends to assist customers who cannot move during the week. We do recommend booking well in advance as the demand is high over weekends.

I finish work after 5pm, can you help?
Yes, we can assist in the evening.

How far in advance do I have to book my removal?
2-4 weeks is usually a good time, but if we can available we will be willing to help at short notice as well. What if I have to cancel my job? If the move is within Manchester, cancellations must be advised at least 48 hours before the scheduled removal date. Otherwise, a £100 cancellation charge will apply. For long-distance moves, we would require a 3 day notice otherwise 50% of the quoted price will apply as cancellation charge.


Can I pay cash?

Can I pay by Cheque?
Yes, we accept cheques but only for advance payments. Cheques have to be paid seven days in advance for the money to clear before the move. Without prior arrangement you may have to pay cash; cheques are not accepted on the spot.

Can I pay using a debit/credit card?
We do accept payment by cards(No charge on payments by Debit cards. However, payments by Credit cards incur a 3.5% processing charge) . Drivers do not have the machine so please pre-arrange if you intend to pay using a card.

Can I make a bank transfer?
Yes, payment can be made directly to our business account. The payment should clear 1 day prior to the job commencement.


There has been a delay with gaining entry to the property, is there an extra charge?
Our fixed quotes assume that there will be access available and that there will be no delay. In case of a delay our hourly prices will be applicable to the waiting time. The waiting time is calculated on top of the agreed price. If you are paying by the hour, waiting time should not be a problem as you will be charged from the start to the finish time including any waiting time. If the delay is caused by a third party please contact your solicitor, they are usually able to claim any extra charges incurred in form of losses.


I don’t know the parking situation outside my property. What should I do?
Parking outside all properties is customer’s responsibility, please contact the council if you are unsure. Or please let us know so we can check on your behalf.


Do you supply boxes?
We used to supply and recycle used boxes as its a very green idea and we like it. Unfortunately, we cannot do it anymore due to health and safety reasons; you don’t want to pack your kitchen utensils in a box which has had someone’s shoes. Therefore, we now recommend new boxes and if bought online they work out to be less than half the price. Try http://www.boxes2move.co.uk/ and they have some good deal with next day delivery.

Yes, but I was looking for free boxes.
A good way to find quality, newish boxes is to try your local super market. Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and other retail stores sometimes serve as a good source of free used boxes and cartons.


Is there VAT to be added to your prices?
Our prices are transparent and there is nothing to add.


I want to travel with the van, is this possible?
Yes, if there is room for a passenger, but, at your own risk as we are not insured for carrying passengers. It would be legal for you to travel with us for free, but, remember we are insured for removals and not as taxi.

Can I help with moving the contents?
Certainly, you can. Nevertheless, should you decide to handle the contents, our goods in transit insurance will not be applicable. Our insurance company does not extend to customers handling their own goods, therefore, you will be responsible for the safety of your goods. In situations where customers help, there is no mechanism available to determine whether a particular item was moved by our staff or by the customer, therefore, the insurance is invalidated for the entire move. The above is applicable only if you have taken out goods in transit insurance with us, please bear in mind your contents are not covered by default. Please see the Insurance section in our terms and conditions for further details.

Will be you able to dismantle my bed, wardrobe and garden shed?
Yes, and we do it on a regular basis, but, please bear in mind that our porters are not trained or insured to carry our furniture dismantling or assembly, and any such request are performed at our customers’ personal risk. We are not joiners and carry very limited tools in our vans, therefore, please keep at hand Allen keys, screw drivers, drills etc. should you need assistance with dismantling and assembling.

You moved me to London. Now, I am relocating from London back to Manchester. Would you be able to help?
We can help with any move to and from Manchester so please feel free to enquire.

Who are the best removal company in Manchester?
That would be a company that always goes the extra mile for it’s customers. Just like we do at TXM Removals.


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